Social Support

Social support for families and patients affected by AYA cancer

It is common for AYA Cancer patients to feel confused and/or isolated after being diagnosed with this horrible disease. They are confused over the medical aspects of cancer, whether or not they have insurance coverage, and whether or not they can maintain their current status as a student or a working person.

Isolation is caused when friends are not longer coming around and leaving the cancer patient to stand alone. Young adults find themselves wondering whether they can continue to attend college, work, maintain a relationship and/or care for their children.

A diagnosis of cancer can create huge obstacles to all aspects of the AYA’s life. Therefore our Educational Program seeks to encourage participation in Conferences geared towards AYA Cancer Patients and their families. It is our hope that the knowledge and social support they receive at these conferences will help alleviate some of their concerns and increase socialization.

We support NE Ohio YA Cancer Patients to attend the annual Stupid Cancer ( “CancerCon” Conference, which brings YA’s for all over the world to unite, learn and share with one another.

  • We support the NE Ohio Leukemia Lymphoma Society ( and the Meredith Cowden Foundation ( for Graft Versus Host Disease that informs cancer patients and survivors.
  • We provide financial support to AYA Cancer Patients participating in a Clinical Trials.