Our programs & contributions directly impact AYA Cancer in Northeast Ohio

Cancer Research

The SGAYA Cancer Research Fund believes that research is the cornerstone to finding a cure! Historically, research for Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancers has been underfunded and AYA’s haven’t been included Clinical Trials.

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Stress, anxiety and poor nutrition are common among people undergoing treatment for cancer. Patients and their families are often unaware that relaxation, meditation, and exercise may increase survivorship. In addition, many patients and families do not have regular access to foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Our Wellness concept is research based. Survivorship and quality of life are improved through good nutrition, relaxation, meditation and exercise.

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Social Support and Education

It is common for AYA Cancer patients to feel confused and/or isolated after being diagnosed with this horrible disease. They are confused over the medical aspects of cancer, whether or not they have insurance coverage, and whether or not they can maintain their current status as a student or a working person.

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We partner with other non-profits in getting the word out to our legislators regarding the issues that directly impact PAYA (pediatric, adolescent and young adult) Cancer patients and their families.

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Elephants and Tea


Elephants and Tea – The AYA Magazine

Elephants and Tea is a media company with the mission to help adolescent and young adult (AYA) patients, survivors and caregivers know they are not alone in their fight with cancer.

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