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Tess Blasko Talks About CancerCon 2019

Champagne, Tess, Hannah and Sam

A Letter of Thanks from Tess Blasko

I’d first like to start this letter to say how thankful I am to be able to be apart of the Elephants and Tea herd and how thankful I am to have been able to attend CancerCon [courtesy of the SGAYA Foundation] in Denver this year. I was surrounded by a group of bad asses who have been affected by the demon we all know, Cancer. It truly was a pleasure to travel with you all and to experience this amazing convention once again. I will forever be grateful for everything you guys have done not only for me, but also for many other patients/survivors. Keep doing great things!






A little explanation on CancerCon-

Have you ever felt like you were drowning and trying to come up for breaths of air in a panic of what is happening? Imagine that and even be surrounded by people watching you while you are sinking and just yelling out encouraging words in hope to help you stop drowning. They do not understand the struggle and how hard it is to catch your breath when you suffocating under the pressure of the “water”. I feel this way, yet I am not drowning… I am just living the life of a cancer survivor. I am trying to find my place and trying to get a grasp on this whole life after cancer that I thought was going to be such a simple task. I mean I lived a life without cancer before right? So it should be no problem getting back to that life, correct? Wrong… very wrong.  “You’re healthy” “you’re alive” “don’t dwell on the past”.  It is easy for those around you to express those words if you are struggling, but they truly just do not get it. I am healthy, but I am constantly feeling around my body to find something wrong. I am alive, but I was so close to death. I dwell on the past because it was traumatizing and the future also scares the crap out of me. I am drowning. CancerCon becomes the hand that pulls me up while my lungs are filling up with water and I am fighting to breathe. Before attending CancerCon I have never felt more alive and comfortable in my entire life. Being at CancerCon I am surrounded by badass individuals, like myself, who understand all the emotions that I am feeling. This convention puts into perspective that, if you had/have cancer, you truly are not alone and you have an army of individuals in your corner. CancerCon will forever impact me in the most positive ways and having the opportunity to attend is truly a blessing. 





PLEASE forgive my tardiness in thanking all of you. On January 26, 2019, we held our annual fundraiser where over $35,ooo was raised – THANKS TO YOUR HELP!


I have so many people to thank – and please note that each of you will be receiving a personal letter – but I wanted to list out friends, family and sponsors for the record.


The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation


Manual & Heidi Glynias

George and Jan Giallourakis

CR Construction

Dave and Dena Grubb

Ray Fogg, Jr.

Forst Foundation

Lou & Ann Frangos

John & Betty Poulos

John & Judith Kackloudis

William & Susan Weir

Tony & Jeanne Paras

Tony & Jean Chivilis

Taylor & Courtney Hawkins

Costa & Maria Mougiannis

Astoria Cafe and Market (George Kantzios)

Fairview Lanes

Bella Cappella Salon

Jeff & Christina Musser

Steve & Maria Alex

Paul & Christine Venizelos

Dimitrios & Deena Tsatiris

Sts. Constantine & Helen Philoptochos

Jan Layne

Kara Falkowski

Dick and Anna Warren

Lilly & John Anitas

Jim & Heidi Voiklis

Elyce Wozniak

Sue Giallourakis

St. Demetrios Philoptochos

Nick & Camilla Giallourakis

Estelle Callas

Jim Sofianos

Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Auletta

Dr. Debbie Webster

Steven Giallourakis

Brad & Alexa Ryan

Rudy & Carol Najda

Mary Beth Famiano

Mikie & David Hillie

Maria & Nick Mavroidis

Susan Donovan & Bill Reeder

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Kline

Bryan & Debbie Rogan

David Olson

Don & Debbie George

Rob & Trish Risman

Burton Carol Management LLC

Porter Wright Law Firm

Brad & Renee Seybert

Alex & Aryn Kosmidis

Nick & Jean Hillman

Elaine & Claude Campbell

Petitti’s Garden Center

United Polish Club

Playhouse Square

Cleveland Browns

Alexandra & Ben Rawding

Fr. & Mrs. James A Doukas

Paula & Doug Randolph

Phil, Alysse & Alana Giallourakis

The Zapis Family

The Wymer Family

Christopher Elbow Chocolates

Westshore Wine Co.

Fusions Salon

Jim Ptacek

Red Tail Golf Club

Elpida Kosmidis

Sargeant Clean (Andrew Bendik & Brian Krusz)

Lake Erie Crushers

Cleveland CAVS


Sat Nam Studios

Charles Scott Salon

Holden Forest


Old Firehouse Winery

Clague Playhouse

Spevock’s Nautical Lane

Claudia Nichol Allen (Our Photographer)

Coyne Catering (We love you!)

DJ Bryon Eulinberg


Tina Poulos –

Jean & Nick Hillman

Elaine & Claude Campbell

John & Betty Poulos

Mary & Jim Diamond

Becky Giallourakis

Joey Terry

Elpida Kosmidis

Polly Furey

Nick Giallourakis


Jan & Byron Spooner

The Santarelli Family

Ellen Chrisman

Morgan Pavlich

Maggie Steffas

The Giallourakis Clan

The Kackloudis Clan

The Chiviles Clan

The Kariotakis Family

Maria  & Steven Alex

Jeanne & Tony Paras

The In It Together Club

Philoptochos Society

St. Demetrios Church

Metropolis of Pittsburg

All the people in our beautiful community. God Bless All of You!!!


Thank you for another successful year.

Keep an eye out for a new kind of fundraiser in 2020…

We will not rest until there is a cure!


Please forgive me if I left out your name.
Shoot me an email and I will add you to the list!!
Hope you enjoy the photographs done by talented Claudia Nicole Allen: