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AYA’s At Risk of Becoming Infertile Due To Chemotherapy Treatment

AYA Cancer Patients are at-risk of becoming infertile as a result of their chemotherapy treatment. Patients should discuss fertility preservation options with their oncologist. Research studies indicate that Pediatric, and AYA Oncology Patients and their families should be made aware of the risk of infertility and be given the opportunity to ask questions about their…
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The Jeremy Cares Golf Outing held last Saturday (8/13/11) was a complete success! Over $16,000 was raised to help families affected by cancer. Hats off to everyone who supported this wonderful event!

What is the correct age for AYAO (adolescent and young adult oncology?)

Experts say it depends on the situation, the individual, the context of the person being treated. But the age range could be from 15 – 39 years of age according to the NCI.


    I was reading some important FAQ'S from the CureSearch site regarding teens and cancer. Did you know that teens with cancer have a better chance of survival if they are treated by a pediatric oncologist? Even though teens like to be treated as adults, this is ONE VERY IMPORTANT TIME when they should be…
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CureSearch Walk NE Ohio a Huge Success!

On June 4th, 2011 over $50,000 was raised for Pediatric (and AYA) Cancer Research. Families, Oncology Professionals, Advocates, and Community Leaders all joined together to show their support for CureSearch, the fundraising arm of the COG (Children's Oncology Group) During the entire event emotions were high as we honored the memory of our children that…
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Shortage of Leukemia Drugs

Hello everyone, There is a shortage of a key leukemia and lymphoma chemotherapy drugs. This is a crisis! Please contact the FDA and let them know they need to address this matter! Contact your Senator regarding S.296, The Preserving Acess to Life-Saving Medications Act. This is legislation that would provide the FDA (Food and Drug…
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Steven G AYA Cancer Fundraiser Update

Hello All! Just a quick note to say our Take a BITE out of Cancer Fundraiser was a complete success! Over 450 people attended…and we raised $15,000!!! Thanks to everyone who supported us this year! The Giallourakis

Take a BITE out of Cancer Fundraiser

Our Fundraiser is this Saturday. The evening should be fun! Many cool auction and raffle items! We have vacation getaways, art work, sports memorabilia, sports tickets, a wide variety of gift baskets: all donated out of love and kindness. So many people are impacted by cancer and so many people want to find a way…
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Interest info on GVHD

We met with a host of experts today. From Pain Management, Dentistry, Neurology and more. But for me, the most outstanding piece of information is that an individual can have GVHD and not know it! This is significant because without detection the GVhD can worsen and could become live threatening!

Visit to the NIH and GVHD

Our visit at the NIH leaves us little time for R&R. This is important business! Not only does Steven have an opportunity to learn about his own health condition, but he is participating in a Natural History Study about GVHD. It has only been about 10 years that Chronic GVHD has come to the attention…
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